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Electronics Need Room to Breathe!

All electronic devices need some room to breathe to dissipate heat! The problem I come across most is people who stack up their network equipment to save space. But many don’t realize how hot some of these devices (cable modems especially!) can get. And if you stack something, say…a router on top of a hot […]

DIY Parabolic Antenna

Here’s a neat little project for parents and kids. A homemade parabolic antenna template to help boost signal strength on a wireless router. Paper, tin foil, scissors and glue…it’s fun and it works!

Why is Linux so stable?

My “better half” is an English professor at the local university and this last semester she had a student who decided to do a paper titled ‘why Linux is so stable’. When this student asked about reference material she referred him to me for some pointers. I’m always happy to help guide a young mind […]