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More Bandwidth is Always Better

Don’t get cheap when it comes to choosing the bandwidth of your internet service! A slow connection can make a killer system run like a dinosaur. Dial-up is dead so don’t even consider that! A minimum of 512k is a good start but you’ll want a 1.5M or faster connection to really enjoy sites like […]

DIY Parabolic Antenna

Here’s a neat little project for parents and kids. A homemade parabolic antenna template to help boost signal strength on a wireless router. Paper, tin foil, scissors and glue…it’s fun and it works!

HowTo :: Moving Your Linux System To A New Drive

This is a how-to for any linux user with moderate console skills who needs to move a linux system to a new (or different) hard drive. I’ve been meaning to blog on this for a while since I’ve re-written the instructions dozens of times over the years. I should point out that being able to […]